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I recently participated in an incident investigation where an employee admitted to identifying a serious hazard, could have been deadly, and decided that is was okay to jeopardize his life with a simple statement..."It's always safe."  Is it?  This worker exposed himself to an imminent hazard putting the crew and company at great risk.  The complacent  attitude will more than likely put this employee in a situation that will cost him his life.  On the other side is the employer, with an outstanding safety track record and is known throughout the industry as a global leader in safety,Complacent?.  So you ask, why then does an employee believe that it is okay to work in an environment that will potentially cost you your life?  Easy! Buy-in!!!

The basic or "Base" of any safety culture is CONSISTENCY and without it you're destined for trouble. After an exhaustive incident investigation the root causes became difficult to pinpoint, however, we did achieve a basic understanding how and why this was allowed to happen. The mid-line supervisor didn't hold his workers accountable for following safety procedures (enabling workers to work in unsafe environment) and didn't fully grasp the dangers of working within the specific environment.  Management failed the mid-line supervisor by ignoring the known hazards and ASSUMING the mid-line supervisor had the information to lead his crew and oversee safe work.  Management did this by throwing PPE  (as a stop gap measure) at the crew causing a false sense of security and thereby fostering an unsafe work environment.

OSHA requires employers to maintain a safe work environment and eliminate known or potential hazard in order to maintain that safe workplace.  Don't get caught by ignoring the basics, properly train, educate, and identify the hazards in your workplace so that employees will see your organization as one that truly cares about their employees.  Be excellent in your safety culture.    

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