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Fall Protection in Construction

Feb 18, 2017  8:30 to 12 noon

This Fall Protection training course is designed for individuals and contractors who are responsible for the supervision, implementation and monitoring of a managed fall protection program in construction.  It provides a fundamental understanding of the Hawaii Occupational Safety & Health (HIOSH) for The Fall Protection OSHA standards, as well as providing the participant with solid practical knowledge on how to identify and control common fall hazards.  Participants will expand their knowledge and ability to identify hazardous conditions, develop programs and make equipment selections to properly deal with fall hazards.  

This course will also develop an overall knowledge of how to select, inspect, use and install fall protection systems, and covers hazard identification and applicable commercial and residential construction regulations.  This Course is focused on the New Fall Protection Directives and residential requirements for all contractors in the State of Hawaii. 

Cost:   $95.00/person
           $37.50 Hawaii Island Contractors Association Members Price


When OSHA fails you ...

                                     for being Excellent!!

It can seem very frustrating when you pour every ounce of energy, passion, and drive into your organizations safety culture.  Recently OSHA visited a project and they were so impressed with the programs, safety record, and culture.  Their purpose was to conduct a program inspection in which they praise the organization over and above for their safety excellence.  What becomes bothersome is that Hawaii OSHA ignored the fact that their (the organization) OSHA recordable rate is a zero and their E-modifier is .52...  The organization is progressive with their safety programs and every employee interviewed stated that was the safest company they have ever worked for...

The organization practices safety every day and it shows through in the documentation, worker attitude, and management commitment.  The culture is rich with leadership and recognition.  There is effort required to achieve such a level of safety and maintain the high level of excellence daily.  They have removed the compliance aspect of safety and adopted a “whole system” safety concept.  The whole system starts with the CEO and filters laterally across the organization to the newest employee.  There are daily safety contacts, which each employee is expected to participate in, and constant dialog through a project brief.  They allow every employee to initiate a stop work when they observe a hazard and then are rewarded for a good catch.  Overall the organization is the safest company I’ve encountered here in Hawaii.

Now, the rub! As mentioned in the opening, they were inspected by Hawaii OSHA.  The inspectors were so impressed and even asked the question “I wish all companies like yours” and “SUPER!” , said the lead inspector,were just a couple of the many positive comments.  Then out of the blue the compliance officer suggested that the surge protector, mounted on the shelf,  was permanent wiring fixed to a structure.  It was argued that the manufacturer and United Labs approved its use for a computer.  To no avail, a citation was issued because they consider a surge protector and re-locatable power tap (RPT) to be a temporary cord and should be removed daily.  ARE YOU KIDDING! Shame on Hawaii OSHA for issuing a citation for “Other than Serious” and a zero penalty. They should be imbarrassed!  When the OSHA Branch manager was asked what the OSHA office does with their RPTs? He responded they unplug them every day.  RIGHT!

So the conclusion here is, it doesn’t matter how progressive you are with your safety program in Hawaii, the will cite a trivial rule with malice because “we are told to find something when we visit” so said the compliance officer.  Good luck and stay safe.

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